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03/07/2014[FIXED] data not showing.
30/06/2014[CHANGED]Java method switched on by default.
26/06/2014[FIXED] problem in script causing blank results.
23/06/2014[UPDATE]KeepVid Video Joiner - - (Windows) - 11.0MB
22/06/2014[FIXED] Automatically detect if Java is required.
19/06/2014[ADDED] now supported.
17/06/2014[ADDED] now supported.
09/06/2014[CHANGED]Java method switched off by default.
04/06/2014[ADDED]Option to turn on/off showing sizes (MB) for videos.
02/06/2014[FIXED] (Video Only) and (Audio Only) links open as "videoplayback".
02/06/2014[FIXED] Signature not being detected for some download links.
21/04/2014[UPDATE]KeepVid Video Joiner - - (Windows) - 11.0MB

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