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KeepVid Helper is an easy-to-use video downloader extension that enables you to download videos from video sharing sites with one click!

Fully Compatible with: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex, and More!

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3-Step Guide: Install KeepVid Helper on Your Browser and Download Video Free!

1 Install TamperMonkey on your Browser

Click the Add to Browser button below > Click Add to Chrome (See Example at Right) to install TamperMonkey.

2 Install KeepVid Helper in Your Browser

Click Install KeepVid Helper button below > Click Install (See Example at Left) to add KeepVid Helper userscript.

3 Download Videos in Your Browser Directly

Refresh your video page and you’ll see the KeepVid Download button. Click the Download button to download videos in your browser at one go.

Sample Sites: KeepVid Helper Downloader on Video Sites

After installing the KeepVid Helper on your browser, you’ll see a Download button while watching any video on your computer! Click the Download button to save the video to your computer. It’s that easy to go!

  • Download video from Youtube.com

    Download video from YouTube.com with KeepVid Helper

  • Download vide from Facebook.com

    KeepVid Helper enables you to download videos from Faceboook directly

  • Download video from Dailymotion.com

    Download Dailymotion video easily at one go with KeepVid Helper

  • Download video from Crunchyroll.com

    Download video from Crunchyroll.com with KeepVid Helper

  • Download video from Vimeo.com

    KeepVid Video Download helper allows you to download videos from Vimeo.com with one click

  • Download video from Instagram.com

    Download video from Instagram.com with KeepVid Helper in the blink of an eye

More Keepvid Helper Supported Sites

KeepVid Helper enables you to download videos from video sharing sites, including:

KeepVid Helper - Downloading videos from website has never been easier! Free download KeepVid Helper to save the video You want!

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