About KeepVid

World’s first video solution platform

In the past 15 years, KeepVid dedicates itself to the video field and offers great online & offline video services to users all over the world. KeepVid Studio offers multiple online video websites, desktop programs and mobile apps, including KeepVid.com, KeepVid.cc, KeepVid.info, KeepVid Video Converter, KeepVid Music Tag Editor, and KeepVid Android.

What is KeepVid Now?

KeepVid is still an all-in-one video solution provider, and KeepVid.com is now a full-featured online video solution platform, which offers online video converter, video editor, video compressor, and audio converter. KeepVid Studio is still developing more helpful online tools to give our fans easier ways to manage their video life.

What Will KeepVid Be?

KeepVid will develop and offer more helpful online solutions to our fans, and become a platform that can help people to enjoy their video life without any worry.