10 Helpful Websites for You to Download TV Subtitles

Do you come up with the situation that you are eager to watch a TV series but can't understand what the characters are saying? This problem often happens in our daily life, and the solution is to download the subtitles of this video. You can download subtitles in your preferred language and add it to the TV show for smooth watching experience. There are various websites that help you download TV subtitles quickly in your preferred language. In the following guide, we'll introduce 10 helpful websites for you to download TV subtitles.

Part 1: 10 Helpful Websites for You to Download TV Subtitles

1. KeepVid.com

URL: https://keepvid.com/download-subtitle

KeepVid is regarded as the best subtitle downloader website for the users to download TV subtitles. This website can quickly download videos with subtitles from YouTube if the Subtitles option is available. It also supports to download videos from 31 video sharing sites in total, such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

Websites to Download TV Subtitles - KeepVid.com

2. Addic7ed.com

URL: http://www.addic7ed.com/

A most popular site that helps you download TV shows subtitles in an easy way. With 18 language options, you can download the subtitles in lots of regional languages. All the range of links they have made it very popular for the huge collection of TV shows and its subtitle files in various languages.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Addic7ed.com

3. DivXSubtitles

URL: http://www.divxsubtitles.net/

DivXSubtitles provides you the great details for TV subtitles. The date of release, title of the TV show, language in which the TV show was released and the uploader. All this information at one place makes it easy to choose the file you want to download. When confused about the TV show name checkout the date of release and you are sure about the link to be downloaded.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - DivXSubtitles

4. All 4 DIVX

URL: http://www.allbusinessdirectory.biz/business/directory-12240.html

It does not hold any subtitle links but it's a search engine to find subtitle links. It can take your search to 27 websites to find the most suitable subtitle link. With such a huge link up you will for sure find the suitable TV show video and its suitable subtitles in your preferred language.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - All 4 DIVX

5. Subs4free.com

URL: http://www.subs4free.com/

Although subtitles are available only in English and Greek, the detailed links to download TV shows are an advantage. The downloadable format is only DVDrip. This format can be converted to others with video converters easily.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Subs4free.com

6. Subsmax

URL: http://subsmax.com/

This website to download subtitles and has millions of subtitle files. The easy-to-use search bar gives you many options to search and download TV subtitles. With the preview option, you can check the video quality before downloading. A drop down of languages give you 3 different languages to choose from. You can upload the subtitle files too.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Subsmax

7. Download.hr/subtitles.html

URL: http://www.download.hr/subtitles.html

The subtitles are arranged in numeric(0-9) and alphabetic order(A-Z). Choose from the best subtitle links in an organized manner. Easily downloadable files. You don’t have to know the name of the TV show exactly with the first alphabet you can check out from the list of TV shows available.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Download.hr/subtitles.html

8. Open Subtitles

URL: http://www.opensubtitles.org/en/search

This subtitle downloader website provides thousands of TV shows subtitles to you, and also offers different languages for you to choose. You can also upload new TV show subtitles in this site.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Open Subtitles

9. TvSubs.net

URL: http://www.tvsubs.net/

You will find subtitles for the popular TV Shows in this website. This website provides you a mutlple language choices, and enables you to download the subtitles in a ZIP file. With the help of this subtitle download website, you're able to download TV subtitles with easy steps. This website also lists the top TV shows in its homepage, so that you can always get up to date.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - TvSubs.net

10. Subscene.com

URL: http://www.tvsubs.net/

This website is easy to use, and you just need to enter the movie name, then it gives you all language subtitle links along with the movie list. It also gives you the information on the number of downloads so that you can determine which subtitles you want to download.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Subscene.com

Part 2: Download TV subtitles with the best performing website KeepVid.com

Using KeepVid.com to download videos is a very easy and dependable way. The quality of downloaded videos and subtitles is perfect. KeepVid.com offers downloading videos from 31 websites and provides you premium service to solve out the problem about How to download TV subtitles. There is a quick 2 step process to download videos on this site which makes it favorite to download TV subtitles. You can download videos in MP4 (144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), M4V, FLV, 3GP TV formats with subtitles. It has so many downloadable formats to choose from a simple drop down.

5 Key Features of KeepVid.com:

How to Use KeepVid.com to Download TV Subtitles

Method 1. Download Subtitles from YouTube by Pasting Video URL

Step 1

Go to YouTube and copy the video URL you're going to download the subtitles from.

Download TV Subtitles - Copy YouTube Video URL
Step 2

Open https://keepvid.com/download-subtitle and Paste the URL of the video.

Download TV Subtitles - Paste Video URL
Step 3

KeepVid.com will show you the available languages of the video. Select the language you need and click the Download button to download TV subtitles to your computer.

Download TV Subtitles - Start Downloading TV Subtitles

Method 2. Search Video and Download Subtitles

Step 1

Visit https://keepvid.com/download-subtitle, and enter the keywords to search for the video from which you want to download videos.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Search for Subtitles
Step 2

In the searching result page, you'll find all the matched results. Select the perfect match, and choose the language you need. Then click the Download button.

Download Subtitles in Indonesia - Download Subtitles from the Result Page

Conclusion: With so many websites to choose from it always remained a challenge to decide the website that would give quick, easy and reliable TV subtitle downloads. As the website supports links from more than 31 websites it super versatile. When it is linked to so many platforms very bleak chances exist that you may not find the TV subtitles in your desired language of your favorite TV show. Check out the website, its Android App and desktop version to do seamless Download TV subtitles and enjoy your favorite shows non-stop.

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