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Many people think that subtitle lines below the movie screen ruin their movie watching experience but still there're lots of people benefit from subtitles when the movie is not in their native language. Subtitles can also be useful when your device speaker is not working. In that condition as well you can easily understand every scene of movie. There are several websites, players and apps are available over internet which can help you a lot to get free subtitles download for movies. You subtitle free download for mostly every movie or TV shows using these free subtitle download website or apps. Here we are going to share in this article about several free subtitle download ways for you.

Part 1. Easiest Way for Free Subtitle Download is a great source for those people who don’t want to download any software or app on their devices to download subtitles because this is a complete online website. It supports 31 sites in total, including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. If you want to download subtitles from a YouTube video, then will also be helpful. It offers a subtitle download page,, to help you download subtitles for your video easily.

How to Free Download Subtitle with

Method 1. Free Download Subtitle by Pasting URL

Step 1

Go to and find the video you want to download with CC option. Once you find the video, copy the video URL in the address bar.

Free Subtitle Download - Copy YouTube Video URL
Step 2

Now go to and paste the video URL in the column. Then click the Download button at the right side.

Free Subtitle Download - Paste URL and Click Download Button
Step 3

Now you'll see the download info of the video. Select the language you need, and click the Download button to start downloading the subtitle to your computer.

Free Subtitle Download - Paste URL and Click Download Button

Method 2. Search Video for Free Subtitle Download

Step 1

Enter, and type the keyword of the video which you want to free download subtitles from. Then click the Search button.

Free Subtitle Download - Search for Subtitles
Step 2

Now you'll be navigated to the searching result page. Select the result that matches your requirement best, and then select the language you need. After that, click the Download button to start free downloading the subtitle of the video.

Free Subtitle Download - Start Downloading Subtitles

Part 2. Free Download Subtitle with the Help of Subtitle Downloader App

In the Google Play Store and the App Store, you'll be able to find all kinds of apps. An Android app called GMT Subtitle is available for subtitle free download on Android mobile device directly. This app is totally free to use. In this part, we're going to introduce how to use this downloader to free download subtitles with the help of GMT.

Key Features of GMT:

How to Free Download Subtitles with the Help of Subtitle Downloader App

Step 1

For free subtitle download, you'll need to install the app in your Android mobile and start it. When you launch it then the app will scan app the video files on your device. After that, the app displays all the video files which don't have subtitles.

Free Subtitle Download - Install and Start Subtitle Downloader
Step 2

Now tap on the video that doesn't have subtitles, and then the app will automatically start searching the subtitles for the video.

Free Subtitle Download - Search Subtitle for the Video
Step 3

The most important thing is that you must have movies and other files on your device with proper name, or it won't search the subtitle. After finding subtitles just tap on the “Download” icon at the bottom of the app.

Free Subtitle Download - Download Subtitle of the Video

Part 3. Free Download Subtitles for Movies in YouTube

Subtitle App is a desktop program which can help you to download subtitle for the movies and videos on computer for free. Both Windows and Mac versions of this program are available for the users. Automatic download feature is available which enables you to directly search the subtitle for any video or movies. Now follow the guide below to know about how to download subtitles for a movie or TV show video using this software.

How to Free Download Subtitles with Subtitle App

Step 1

Download the software on your computer first. After installation, you'll see two ways to download subtitles. Either you can download using drag and drop video file in software or right-click on the video file name and select “Subtitles” in “Open With”.

Free Subtitle Download - Start Subtitle App
Step 2

After selecting the subtitles in open with it will automatically detect the name of video. Click on the Tick icon now under status in front of video name.

Free Subtitle Download - Click the Tick Icon
Step 3

Now you will see all related subtitles. Just select any of your choice and click on “Download” button in the popup. Once the subtitle is downloaded you can play them with movie. VLC Media Player is recommended to play the movie with subtitles.

Free Subtitle Download - Finish Downloading Subtitles

Conclusion: This whole article was about free subtitle download using different ways such as online website, android app and desktop software. These all ways can help you in free subtitle download for movies without any issue from the internet. If you want to choose the best one from these all ways then you can give a try to because it also enables you to download videos with subtitles for totally free without any charge for the supported websites.

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