How to download videos with correctly and without clicking ads trap?

Method 1: Paste link

Step 1. Open Copy and paste the link of the video in the input field on the top of the page.

Step 2. Click Download button on the right of the input field.

Method 2: Use Extension

Install browser entension and Keepvid Helper from here.

Follow the guide to download video with this extension:

When open a video, a blue "KV Download" will appear. Click this "KV Download" button to download video easily.

If can't, you can try Keepvid Pro which can download from 10000+ video sites.

Which sites does support?

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There is no sound on my downloaded video

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Why can't download YouTube video?

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Where are the downloaded videos?

Do I need the KeepVid Helper Userscript to use KeepVid?

How do I play FLV/WEBM files?

Current Problems & Solutions

If you still have issues after checking our FAQ, please contact our service team for help:

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