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Most Helpful MP4 Converters for Converting Any Video to MP4

There are many different types of MP4 Converters available on the Internet. If you’re looking to convert a video to MP4 format, continue reading and you'll find many helpful MP4 converters. Most of the converters mentioned in this article are free to use, and we'll also introduce the desktop solutions to help you convert videos to MP4.

Part 1. 5 Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online

The first batch of MP4 converters we’re going to introduce are standard online MP4 converters. There're a lot of MP4 converters in the market, and most of them can help you finish MP4 conversion without any hassle. Of course, there are nuances to each online converter — but we'll cover those below.

1. Online UniConverter (


For our first online MP4 converter, we have Online UniConverter (previously called It’s very easy-to-use, allowing you to convert files to MP4 as well as converting MP4 files to other formats for free. It works straight from the website, allowing you to convert multiple files at the same time without having to download or install anything to your computer.

· No need to install or download third-party software into your computer.
· Unlimited conversions available.
· Supports a variety of audio and video formats.
· Limited to a maximum of 2 conversions at a time.
· 100MB maximum file size limitation on a FREE account.
· Conversions are considered ‘Average’ priority for FREE users.
Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online -

2. AConvert


AConvert is relatively fast, allowing you to convert a file to MP4 format in just a couple of simple steps! Unlike some converters, it’s not limited to just one way of uploading the file that you want converted either. You can use the ‘Choose Files’ button to grab the file from your laptop, paste the URL that hosts your file of choice, or grab it from either a Google Drive or DropBox account.

· Files can be uploaded from your computer, a URL, or online cloud storage.
· Bit rate, frame rate, size, and other file parameters can be customized.
· Supports a variety of video formats for conversion.
· Limited to video conversion only for MP4 files.
· MP4 files cannot be converted to an audio file.
· Maximum 200MB for file computer file conversion.
Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online - AConvert

3. Online Convert


Online Convert is another useful MP4 converter online. Just like the previous online converter, you can use it to add files from your computer, a link, or cloud storage (DropBox and Google Drive.) Bulk conversion is completely FREE with this online converter, and you can download converted files separately or all at once as a zip file.

· Supports upload from computer, URL, or online cloud storage.
· File parameters can be customized prior to conversion.
· Bulk conversion and bulk download available.
· FREE account is limited to conversions of ‘normal priority.’
· Video file size for conversion is limited to 100MB.
· Bulk conversion is limited to 10 files each time.
Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online - Online Convert

4. Online Video Converter


The Online Video Converter hosts a couple of different tools up for use. One tool up for FREE is its video conversion tool, which allows you to convert files in all popular video formats into an MP4. Files can be added from your desktop, from a URL, or you can record and convert a video for personal use.

· Multiple upload sources (Desktop or URL.)
· Live recording available with its online video recorder.
· Video editor available for basic video editing prior to conversion.
· Limited support for video formats.
· No bulk conversion method available.
· Ads are displayed.
Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online - Online Convert

5. Free File Converter


Again, with Free File Converter, we have an online video converter that can convert files that are uploaded from different sources (desktop, URL, or cloud storage.) Like Online Convert, it’s also capable of bulk conversions although it doesn’t have Online Convert’s tools for adjusting file parameters.

· Three-step process for quick and easy conversion.
· Files can be uploaded from desktop, URL, or personal cloud storage.
· Allows bulk conversion of videos.
· Limited to 5 videos at once for bulk conversions.
· Limited video format support.
· Maximum file size is 300MB.
Most Helpful MP4 Converters Online - Free File Converter

Part 2. 5 Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters for PC and Mac Users

We’ve already gone through several helpful online MP4 converters. And in this part, we’re going to branch-out into tools that you can use directly on your PC or Mac. These are converters that are better suited for those who need to convert large files, often in bulk and very frequently. The ones that we’ll introduce will either be completely FREE or are free versions of a premium product.

1. Wondershare Free Video Converter (Mac/Windows)


Our first desktop converter is the Wondershare Free Video Converter, available for both Mac and PC. It’s certified as one of the best video converters available for download right now, and it’s available for FREE (with certain features locked up in the premium package.)

· A wide variety of supported formats.
· Download videos from 10,000 different websites.
· Convert large files in bulk.
· Output files are watermarked in FREE version.
· Website support is limited to YouTube Downloads in FREE version.
· Displays Ads in FREE version.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - Wondershare Free Video Converter

2. Handbrake (Mac/Windows/Linux)


Handbrake is a free video conversion tool that you can download and install for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It has a variety of video conversion functions, the most of important of which, of course, is its video to MP4 conversion feature. As an open-source program, it doesn’t boast the most intuitive interface and neither does it offer any extra tools, but that’s as much as you can expect from a completely free converter.

· Supports all standard video formats.
· Multi-Platform (Windows, Max, and Linux.)
· Open-source program (100% FREE)
· No bulk conversion feature.
· The interface is hard to navigate (not suitable for beginners.)
· Conversion is slower than most.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - iSkysoft Video Converter

3. Any Video Converter (Windows)


Any Video Converter is our first Windows-only free MP4 converter software (although you may be able to find outdated versions of a Mac-version). It started with quite simple features but has been much improved over the years. It is now considered a premium-product, but you can still test out its basic FREE trial version for smaller conversions.

· No quality loss upon conversion.
· Video editor available for editing input and output files.
· DVD toolkit available for converting files to be burned onto a DVD.
· Prompts the download of other software upon installation.
· Limits imposed on video size with FREE version.
· Acceptable input file formats are limited.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - Any Video Converter

4. Freemake Video Converter (Windows)


We have another Windows-only MP4 converter with Freemake. It’s one of the most basic video converters on this list, but it’s also our first actual FREE video converter. There are no hidden limits in the program, and all its features are available for use immediately. Including its video conversion tool, a DVD burner tool, and a slideshow creating tool.

· No hidden limitations.
· 200+ compatible file formats along with formats for popular devices.
· Files can be burned into a DVD or turned into a slideshow.
· Limited acceptable input formats.
· Basic output formats only.
· Not as feature-rich as other video converters.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - Freemake Video Converter

5. MPEG Streamclip


Much like Freemake, the MPEG Streamclip MP4 converter is fairly basic. It really is strictly a converter, offering only the most basic tools for video editing. The one unique feature that it has over other converters is the fact that it can extract files directly from a DVD to be converted.

· Files can be uploaded from your desktop or from a DVD.
· Basic video editor included (for trimming and cutting videos.)
· Maintains professional-level output quality.
· Limited input formats supported.
· Limited formats for output.
· Only basic editing tools available.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - MPEG Streamclip

Part 3. Most Helpful Converter for Converting MP4 and Other Formats

The last MP4 converter we'll introduce in this part is KeepVid Video Converter. It’s both an online MP4 converter and a desktop MP4 converter (available for both Windows and Mac.) That makes it incredibly versatile and perfect for those looking for a more permanent converting solution.

KeepVid Video Converter

Meet all your video converter needs in one click.
  • · Support to convert multiple files in batch.
  • · Video editing and compressing toolkits provided.
  • · Easy-to-use interface
Try It Free Try It Free

How to Convert Videos to MP4 or Any Other Format with KeepVid Video Converter

Step 1 — Download, Install, and Convert

Download and Install the Keepvid Video Converter to your computer. Upon doing so, launch the program and make sure that you’re on the Convert tab. There, you can drag and drop the file you want to convert to MP4.

How to Convert Videos to MP4 - Download and Install KeepVid Video Converter

Step 2 — Convert File(s) to MP4

Once your file(s) have been uploaded, select the Convert all files to: menu and select the following parameters: Video > MP4.

How to Convert Videos to MP4 - Select Output Format as MP4

From there, you can also select the quality that you want (be it the same as source, in 4K, HD, etc.)

How to Convert Videos to MP4 - Select Output Video Quality

Step 3 — Select Output Folder

Before anything else, make sure that your output file is downloaded to the folder you want it to be by selecting said folder on the Output menu provided at the bottom of the interface.

How to Convert Videos to MP4 - Select Target Folder to Save Output Video

Step 4 — Start Converting Video to MP4

Finish up by converting your video(s) with the Convert All button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

How to Convert Videos to MP4 - Select Target Folder to Save Output Video

Not all MP4 converters are created equally. Some of the MP4 converters are used for converting local videos, and some of them are used for converting online videos to MP4. When you choose an MP4 converter, you ought to notice their min function.

Part 4. What's the Most Helpful YouTube to MP4 Converter Unblocked?

Let’s start with something basic but also something incredibly helpful. For this, we have DoVideo Online Video Downloader, an online video converter that is perfect for those looking to convert YouTube videos to MP4 in a quick and efficient manner. This online video to MP4 converter is very easy to use, even the beginners can handle this online downloader in seconds.

DoVideo Online Video Downloader
Key Features of DoVideo Online Video Downloader
  • · Quick 3-Step Conversion.
  • · Various of acceptable output formats.
  • · HD-Quality is retained.
How to Convert Online Videos to MP4 with DoVideo Online Video Downloader

Step 1 — Go to DoVideo Online Video Downloader Website

To use the DoVideo Online Video Downloader, you will need to go to the website linked in the URL below. On there, paste the video link of the file that you want to convert.

How to Convert Online Videos to MP4 - Go to DoVideo Online Video Downloader Website

Step 2 — Download YouTube Video

Click the green Download button in order to begin the download and conversion process.

How to Convert Online Videos to MP4 - Paste URL and Click Download Button

Step 3 — Choose Format and Download

You have the choice of choosing the quality, format, and size of your chosen video.

Tips: You can also download your video as audio-only or video-only, and in other file formats.

How to Convert Online Videos to MP4 - Select Video Format and Start Converting Online Video

Part 5. Another 3 Helpful YouTube to MP4 Converter Online

For this next portion, we’re going to be introducing three other YouTube to MP4 online converters that you can try out! These won’t be so different from DoVideo, but each has its own merit.



First is FLTVO, a YouTube to MP4 converter. It’s not the most sophisticated tool for downloading videos from streaming websites, but it’s easy to use and it accepts many of the more common video formats (both for input and output.)

· Common file formats input support.
· Common file formats output support.
· Audio-only option available for video to music conversion.
· Limited file formats input support.
· Limited file formats output support.
· Support for only very popular streaming sites.
3 Helpful YouTube to MP4 Converter Online - FLVTO

2. Convert2mp3


Convert2MP3 also doubles as a convert to MP4 online tool that you can use if you’re looking to quickly convert videos from streaming websites as an MP4 file. Much like FLVTO, it’s not the most advanced tool available, but it’s perfectly fine for your basic conversions.

· Fast conversion and download time.
· Easy-to-use (paste and download).
· Download video(s) using a title option available.
· Files are saved for four hours on the server.
· Limited support when it comes to host websites.
· Limited output format support.
3 Helpful YouTube to MP4 Converter Online - Convert2mp3

3. OnlineVideoConverter


Next is the OnlineVideoConverter, well-known as one of the first in the scene of YouTube to MP4 converting tools. It’s incredibly efficient and very easy to use (and recent updates has seen the addition of new convenient features.) Its only real downside is the plethora of displayed ads.

· List of supported sites are provided.
· Basic video editing tool available.
· Allows for customization of video parameters.
· Lots of displayed ads.
· Heavy in traffic.
· Limited output format support.
3 Helpful YouTube to MP4 Converter Online - OnlineVideoConverter

Part 6. Top 3 Free YouTube to MP4 Converters

Next, just like before, we’re going to be diving into tools that you must download and install for use. These YouTube to MP4 converters, just like the online YouTube Converters we introduced just now, will have their own specific uses, but you’ll notice a lot of overlap when it comes to features.

1. Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader (Windows/Mac)


Completely FREE Windows and MAC software for converting YouTube videos (and playlists) into MP4 and many other popular video formats.

· DVD Toolkit for burning converted files.
· Completely FREE (no hidden fees.)
· Available for both Windows and Mac computers.
· Limited output formats support.
· Limited input format support.
· Website support is limited to YouTube.
3 Helpful Free YouTube to MP4 Converter - Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader

2. aTube Catcher (Windows)


aTube Catcher is a Windows-only YouTube to Mp4 converter that is prized for its ability to very quickly and very easily download YouTube videos in bulk.

· Very fast conversions.
· Easy-to-use interface.
· Basic video editing features.
· Very basic tools.
· Acceptable output formats are limited.
· Acceptable input formats are limited.
3 Helpful Free YouTube to MP4 Converter - aTube Catcher

3. Xilisoft (Windows/Mac)


Xilisoft offers a very basic YouTube video to MP4 converter that can be used for both Mac and Windows. It’s not very feature-rich, but a lot of the basic characteristics of a converter apply.

· HD-quality can be preserved.
· Bulk download available.
· More features available in premium version.
· Limit of 10 videos per conversion.
· Converting to other formats is limited to premium version.
· One-step download not available in FREE version.
Most Helpful Free MP4 Converters - Xilisoft

Part 7. What's the Best Tool to Convert YouTube to MP4 and Any Other Format

We’ve reached the very end now, and for this, we’re going to be talking about the iTube HD Video Downloader. iTube HD Video Downloader is an all-in-one video downloader program that allows you to download, record, convert and transfer videos with ease. It supports you to download videos from more than 10,000 video sharing sites, and convert videos to more than 150 video and audio formats.

iTube HD Video Downloader

Download Full HD Videos from More Than 10,000 Video Sharing Sites.
  • · Download unlimited videos at one time.
  • · Download HD videos up to 8K.
  • · Download entire playlist or YouTube to MP3 in a click.
Try It Free Try It Free

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1 — Download and Install

First, download and install iTube HD Video Downloader on your computer. You can use it as a desktop downloader or browser plugin to download videos.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader - Download and Install iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 2 — Paste URL

Use the Paste URL menu to choose whether you want to download a single MP3 file or multiple URLs.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader - Paste URL

Step 3 — Paste and Download

Paste the URL on the space provided and click the Download button.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader - Click Download Button

Step 4 — Select Playlist or Clip

If you’re downloading a playlist, select the Playlist option (otherwise, select Clip).

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader - Select Playlist or Video Clips

Step 5 — Start Converting YouTube to MP4

Choose what format you want to convert the YouTube video to as well as its quality, and then click the green Download button to finish up once and for all.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with iTube HD Video Downloader - Start Converting YouTube to MP4


That concludes our summary of all the most helpful MP4 converters for converting any video to MP4. There’s many more out there, but we’ve made sure to pick out only the ones that will provide the most convenience for you — whether you’re looking for a quick one-off solution or if you’re looking to convert for the long-term.